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Goffin Cockatoo Life Style

Date Added: May 24, 2012 06:40:28 AM
Category: Pets
Goffin cockatoo is very lovable bird in the cockatiel species. They are funny, elegant bird and so active. Goffin cockatoo is playful and very interactive with the pet owners and get painful if they bitten. A Goffin Cockatoo can have a very loud sound voice. These Cockatoo birds have some drawback because it makes more sounds. Cockatoo birds also have large beaks. Choosing cockatoo as a pet bird is the right choice for the pet owners. Your cockatoo bird cages must be larger size so that can be able to stay in the cages. Training for the cockatiel: Cockatoo birds should need some training for your birds to talk. Proper training can make your bird to talk. Training is needed for avoiding any biting. Good training leads your pet good behavior. After getting training your goffin cockatoo mimic the sounds they hear. Food diet: Caring goffin Cockatoo also bit expenses and food costs can be high. Your goffin cockatoo need plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to stay healthy Goffin Cockatoo. Healthy food leads the cockatoo very active and playful for whole day. Chroma of Goffin cockatoo: The color of Goffin Cockatoo is generally white with light pink. Lifespan: Average lifespan of Goffin cockatoo is 30 to 40 years. Good Exercise: Goffin Cockatoo are very magnificent bird and so enthusiastic in nature. To stay active Goffin cockatoo needs variety of exercise. Owners must be leave free for minimum 3-4 hour outside the cage to play and stretch their body muscles. The Goffin Cockatoo is a very popular species of cockatoo that is indigenously found in multiple areas of the globe, including parts of South East Asia, and Indonesia. This Cockatoo species has also been introduced successfully to several areas including Central and South America, in addition to other areas such as Singapore. The Goffin Cockatoo is fairly small, growing to reach a length of about a foot from head to tail. They are in fact the smallest of the white cockatoos, with males only weighing about 300 grams and females weighing about 250 grams. The Goffin Cockatoo is also known as the Tanimbar Corella, or the Goffin’s Corella. this bird can imitate human speech, although they are not particularly skilled talkers. Goffin cockatoo is lovable and affectionate pet birds .we should spend few hours time to interact with your pet cockatoo. This cockatoo birds can speak limited time and can mimic the sounds like human and other sounds they hear. For more information about goffin cockatoo visit our website:

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